Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shoes Line a success in Japan!

Robot Luv in collaboration with Palmer Shoes hit the Japanese market by storm with a line of shoes 10 styles in all, for spring-summer 09 and fall-winter 09. The shoes are currently being sold all across Japan.
Here is some of the press the shoes have in Japan. If you follow this link and then click on the magazine cover you will see my shoe ad inside.
Here are the shops.
The shop names are Foot Up - 5 shops, Chiyoda - 19 shops, Shoe Plaza - 234 shops, SPC - 96 shops, and TS - 6 shops. You can go to their website
With the sucess in Japan, Robot Luv is currently approaching the European market with this new line of shoes. Here are some pics of the shoes for more information go to
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