Sunday, July 19, 2009

Second line of shoes out now in Japan

Hello all!

Robot Luv has some exciting news--our second line of sneakers just launched in Japan. And even more exciting than that, they made the cover ofNadesico, a fun and funky fashion magazine. This is the second collaboration Robot Luv has done with Shaun Palmer. The shoes reflect the free-spirited, kitschy aesthetic of Robot Luv. The shoes have been designed in bright colors and contain many of Robot Luv’s signature patches on them. Some of the sneakers even rise up to the calf, how cool is that?! All of the pictures and editorials from Nadesico can be seen on our facebook page ( and our MySpace page ( Unfortunately the shoes cannot be purchased in the states as of now but you should still check out our website ( to see what Robot Luv has to offer!!!