Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer of travel and touring for Robot Luv part 2 Las Vegas

In June I flew via Allegiant air out of G.I. Nebraska direct to Las Vegas for the Licensing Expo. This year will make my fourth appearance at the show. 
The first thing I had to do was get a hat because the desert is no joke scalp burning hot! Then I was ready for my first day of the show.
What could be more Las Vegas then an Elvis ice sculpture?
Nice shot glass to keep.
Walking the hot streets doing a little site seeing.
Pink dog I saw on the elevator back to my room.
The morning of my big meeting, I wish I could tell you more about it but you'll just have to wait and watch my blog for details, all I can say now is that it went really well.
Remember the smurfs? Well they are back!
I am a fan of Uglydoll.

Angry birds is bigger then ever!

Paul Frank as cute as ever!
Canimals are soo cute!
Despicable me characters.
Me and the Ugly Dolls.
Celebratory drink after a great last day of the show!
Sushi dinner.
mmmmm good.
sushi luv.
and then back in NE.
From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the cornfields of Nebraska. It was a great trip!

Summer of Travel and touring for Robot Luv part 1 NYC

Wow the summer has gone so fast! It is almost  August already where has the summer gone! Let's take a look back at some of Robot Luv's summer highlights!

Back in May I traveled to NYC to attend Surtex and the National Stationary show. It was held at the Javitts Center in the heart of the city.
I stayed at a fun trendy hotel just 3 blocks from the Javits Center. It was nice to be able to walk to the show and walk around the Hell's Kitchen area.
I made some new friends at the show and made new business contacts as well.

 All in all I enjoyed both Surtex and the Stationary Show. I also took a walk through the
ICFF show. Such great design. 

They were making these spheres on site, pretty fantastic. 
 These animals are made from cartboard boxes.
 This Kayak blew my mind how by how beautiful it was.

 NYC sunset at the Pier.

Can't wait to visit NYC again, maybe for a little longer next time.