Thursday, March 7, 2013

Robot Luv x Celebrity Style Lounges

Hello all I wanted to right a new post because it's been awhile and I wanted to tell you what I've been up to lately. The last couple of months Robot Luv has been participating in Style Lounges.

Back in January with the help of Jen Abrams of I sent my I heart indie movies and I heart indie music tee among other designs to the Sundance film festival.
Robot Luv participated in a Pop up Style lounge which included two major events. This first event was held at the Michael Fatali Gallery located on main street in Park City Utah. The second event was a music house show sponsored by Koffeehouse Chateau.

Celebrities who picked up Robot Luv tshirts included Cystal Bowersox and Tony Danza.
In February Robot Luv teamed up with Renee Simlak Productions, to donate tshirts for her Pre Oscar style lounge held at the W hotel in West Hollywood. Attendees and celebrities really liked Robot Luv's tshirts, including Stephanie Drapeau, a T.V. (Castle) and film actress.
Style lounges are really fun to do and I will continue to do them. Look for my updates on twitter to see what events I'm doing and up to the minute photos and comments on the behind the scenes action!