Monday, July 11, 2011

Where's the Luv? Robot Luv photo contest

Ok Robot Luv enthusiasts where is the luv?Now that you know where Robot Luv comes from I want to know where you are oh dear fans of Robot Luv! Send me a pic of you and your Robot Luv item with a landmark that shows where you are from. Example Lincolnites with the capitol or the stadium. Western Nebraska peeps with chimney rock in the background. You get it right? I want to see how far and wide the Robots have traveled. I send them off into the world everyday from my online shop now it's time for you to show me the Luv the Robot Luv that is!

I will post em up and we will vote on the winner!! The winner will receive a t shirt of choice, and a gift pack assortment of cards, patches, magnets and other great Robot Luv swag.

This is a facebook contest please "like" Robot Luv and post your pics on the wall there.

Now go get to shootin! You've got until Sept 1st to send in your photos!! Make em good.