Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reviews for Robot Luv t-shirts for kids!

Robot Luv has had some lovely reviews by moms and little fashionistas recently. Here are a couple of reviews. 


Emily's reviews: "As soon as our Robot Luv packaged arrived, the girls wanted to wear their new shirts to school. We all had a pretty good laugh the next morning when they came out of their bedrooms wearing almost the exact same outfits."

Deals of Sweetness: "For my review we received a Robots of Rock Kids Tee. Oh my goodness, I was so excited over it! I thought it was fantastic. Would it pass our little guy’s test, though? When he saw robots he was SO excited! He doesn’t get excited over much, but he was asking if that was his shirt and if he could wear it. I’m pretty sure he talked about his robot shirt for a few days after first getting it, too."

Robot Luv Review
"Because of the cute, creative design it’s been a big hit with our other two kids as well. They have also been telling everyone about their little brother’s “cool new robot shirt.” It’s always more fun when everybody is excited!" ~Deals of sweetness

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tee of the Day! Every day Robot Luv will feat a special tee and a free gift with purchase!

Happy New Year! To kick off the 2014 I came up with an idea to feature a Robot Luv special, quirky, original tee everyday! Not only that but a free gift with purchase! Gifts will chosen at random from pins, cards, patches, magnets, the gift will be a special surprise!

I will post the "Tee of the day" on multiple sites and you may purchase direct wherever you like.




and I will also be tweeting the "Tee of the day"

as well as pinning it to the "Tee of the day" board on pintrest

Saturdays will be Kids "Tee of the day"!
So follow Robot Luv  and what for the "Tee of the day"!