Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Robot Luv teams with DMR Concepts for Apparel Accessories and much much more!!

May 30, 2011 – Lincoln, Nebraska. – Broken Toys, LLC, owner of Robot Luv trademarks and graphics creative, has signed a dynamic 3 year licensing contract with DMR Concepts, USA for distribution of Robot Luv accessories & apparel in the USA and India.

Robot Luv, an authentic USA brand, has been developed into an international lifestyle brand with licensees in Japan, India the United States. According to Carrie Masters, Managing Director of Broken Toys LLC and creator of Robot Luv, “the brand will continue on its existing path of providing exceptional products for the vintage, kitsch retro inspired lifestyle. Robot Luv’s family of licensees and distributors offer the highest level of quality products, including t-shirts, footwear, water bottles, Housewares, bathroom accessories, key chains and many other novelty items.”

“Our customers are looking for alternative retro inspired graphics that matches their individual lifestyle. We have seen an increased demand from consumers young & old, male & female who are looking to express themselves with fun, quirky and engaging graphics.” Carrie Masters added, “Having a new licensee in the USA & India of DMR’s expertise will greatly impact brand awareness and distribution throughout two very important markets for our brand.”

DMR Concepts is a recognized leader in the entertainment branded apparel & accessories market. The USA based company is structured to develop emerging brands into strong market contenders. DMR will help to make the entire Robot Luv brand stronger worldwide. According to Manish Walia, “DMR Concepts is pleased to take on Robot Luv and believes the lifestyle brand will immediately connect with our strong retailer base. Vintage, retro, quirky & underground are continuing to gain momentum at retail. We are ahead of the curve with Robot Luv.”

The company believes that through an expanded unified effort of Robot Luv licensees, growth will be significant in next couple of years. Turner Anderson is Robot Luv’s licensing agent & will continue to open other markets to new licensees. In 2011-2012, the brand will focus on strengthening its marketing & product offerings and creating a unified, worldwide approach to connectivity with its consumer base.

For further information please contact:

Glenn Burton

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